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Category: PulseKraft
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User manual for PulseKraft app and onboard software.

Created 09.07.2017
Changed 21.07.2018
Version 2.2.2
Size 3.44 MB

PulseKraft Ground App for Android (>= 5.x). Free Trial for 30 days.

This version does not yet support the new activation mechanism enforced by latest DJI firmwares as of July 2017.
You can still use that app when you activate the aircraft before take off with DJI GO app. An app supporting the new activation mechanism will be available soon.

News 2.3:
- Allows entering multiple (comma separated) license keys
- Fixed an issue with Google Maps
- sends refresh request to onboard device when heartbeat timeout > 10s

News 2.2.1:
- Shutter will also trigger DJI cameras
- Trip distance display
- Curved waypoints
- Data transmission to aircraft can be deactivated
- Flight Mode displayed
- Additional options in waypoint upload dialog

Created 09.07.2017
Changed 26.06.2019
Version 2.3
Size 29.34 MB
System Android

Boot image file for PulseKraft Onboard Device (to be transferred to microSD card, ZIPped). Free Trial for 30 days.

  • Supporting the new multi function I/O port feature of DJI A3 / N3 flight controllers for hardware based PWM output on F1 ... F8 ports.
  • Requires at least firmare on your A3 / N3 flight controller. Supports also DJI M100, M200 series, M600
    (M200 series support requires also an updated version of PulseKraft App (available soon)
  • Contains fix allowing also inverted PWM limits for direction inversion (see manual for details)
Created 10.07.2017
Changed 12.03.2018
Version 3.6.1
Size 312.58 MB
System See description

PulseKraft Interpreter providing 10 separate PWM output channels on Teensy LC when connected via USB to PulseKraft Onboard device as an add-on. Required for Matrice 100 as it does not provide F-Ports (PWM output) by itself.

Binary (hex) file for Teensy. Please use Teensy.exe (as part of Arduino IDE with TeensyDuino plugin, see: ) to upload the code via USB to the Teensy LC microcontroller board.

MD5 Checksum: 1be8a6440adc711adf6dace83070be04
SHA1 Checksum: d25efba38df406d7cac4f2b095589a75ac51bd6a

Created 21.11.2017
Changed 21.11.2017
Version 1.0
Size 43.94 KB
System See description
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